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Melody Stanford

Graphics + Digital Media + Strategy

We help clients across the globe become more effective in telling their stories.

Since 2007, Founder & Principal Melody Stanford has been helping organizations in humanitarian spaces like healthcare, education, nonprofit, tech, and social enterprise. She holds a B.S. in Business and a Masters of Social Ethics (MDiv) from Boston University.

With a particular passion for why and how communities cultivate meaning, Stanford Creative is a direct extension of Melody's holistic work. Based in Cambridge, MA, we bring theoretical and practical knowledge together to help "helping" and socially-minded organizations thrive. We are:

  • Truly full-service
  • Dedicated to amazing outcomes and client care
  • Focused on training and empowerment

Our Specialty:
Harmonizing Communications 

Organizations today face a dizzying array of communications channels. Even if you have an in-house creative team, chances are that you will have trouble maintaining a consistent presence.

We can help. As holistic visual designers, our greatest satisfaction is bringing effective, cohesive harmony to your communications.

Harmonize media channels

Why do we love this work? Because it frees you to do what you do best — like changing the world, inventing things, helping people, and solving problems. By partnering with you, we support your passion and play a small role in your amazing work.

Award-Winning Service

We are so passionate about quality of service and customer care, we were named one of Boston's Top 25 Web Design firms in 2016 by expertise.com.

When you experience great personal care, it gives you energy. It lets you know that someone has your back. We strive to make that part of every interaction with our clients. In addition to being prompt and personable, we also strive to be highly adaptable in our work style. Whether you prefer hands-on or no-hassle, we work according to your needs and preferences.


"I have used the Stanford Creative countless times to do many of my graphic design projects, and I am always blown away with their work. I can not say enough about their professionalism, turn around time, and results have always more than exceeded my expectations. Phenomenal work!" — Dana Hodgskinson, Wedding Photographer

Our Approach

All too often, working with creative agencies is like a bad game of telephone:


By the time your story reaches its destination, it's often removed from its source: you. Results might look pretty, but are they effective? More importantly, are they "you?"

Reach Customers Authentically

Our clients' stories stay at the center of our process. We craft tools and training for long-term empowerment, so communications strategy is sustainable and protected.

Start the Conversation

Whether you want to discuss a project or do some networking, please drop us a line. If we can be a resource to you, we would like to say hello.