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Team-Driven Market Research by Stanford Creative

Team-Driven Market Research: Unique and Effective

Based on careful analysis of the needs of dozens of our clients over the past decade, we understand that

1) Successful brand strategy needs both inside and outside perspectives, and
2) Successful brand strategy empowers organizational staff to "own" the brand.

Working closely to gather knowledge from many perspectives, our Team-Driven process keeps the client in the driver's seat while providing a fast and efficient basis for brand re-envisioning. Clients who have been through this process rave about this method because it melds their own self-understanding with our marketing and outreach expertise — producing a vital bank of knowledge, and laying a collaborative foundation for fresh new ideas.

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How It Works

  • Getting Started. The client assembles a group of key people and joins a Stanford Creative branding expert to form a collaborative Research Team. In preparation for each meeting, Team members  complete pre-work provided. Each person is able to contribute research and understanding.

  • Meeting #1: Lay of the Land. The Team systematically conducts research on the present state of organizational identity. The first phase of work includes investigating the present market landscape, purpose, target market overview, outreach, and self-reflection.

  • Meeting #2: In-Depth Focus. The Team examines positioning, offerings, value statements and negative value statements and niche, and strategic plan.

  • Meeting #3: Moving Forward. After the initial research is compiled, the Team has an in-depth conversation about the desired future state of organizational identity and changes to branding that will accomplish emerging goals. The third meeting concludes with a discussion about industry-specific best practices and creative new ideas for brand implementation.

  • Findings. Stanford Creative combines and condenses Team research, summarizes significant findings, and outlines strategy for new branding efforts. Research and findings are also helpful in writing or re-writing website and social media content.

Why It Works

Team-Based Market Research helps key members of your organization take ownership of your brand and lead critical understanding into seeing from vital perspectives. This process works because it gives Teams common language to express marketing goals, refreshes mindsets about branding and outreach, and gets Teams thinking about new possibilities that will reboot presence in the industry landscape.

Branding projects that come out of this research tend to be more authentic and more effective because they are based in collaborative discovery and organizational celebration.