A Logo for Invisible Processes

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We were a bit flummoxed when approached by a scientist at Texas A&E to create a logo for a lab. Logos for science are often difficult, especially when the processes we needed to describe are invisible. In this case, our client Dion needed a logo to represent thermodynamic transfers of energy, particularly through microscopic materials and liquids. We quickly learned what we could about the subject matter. Dion was working with not only physics and chemistry, but also engineering for sustainable power technologies.

An additional challenge is that, because he is running a lab and not a company, the logo couldn’t look too streamlined or corporate. For the client, it was more important to convey a slightly more literal idea of liquid and heat transfer, instead of a feeling or something that could be embroidered on a golf polo. We opted for a 3D model with dynamic lighting.

We can’t say we 100% understand what Dion does, but we were so glad to support his important work. Here is the finished product.