Branding Disasters – Literally

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When it comes to disasters, municipal preparation is vital. Recent weather patterns, in particular, show the importance of planning.

Recently a governmental agency in New England came to us for assistance with their reports. The challenge of this project was that the reports needed to stay in Microsoft Word so the staff could continue to use a complex mail merge system they developed, as well as self-bind with a large left margin. Our team worked collaboratively with the staff to create custom graphics for use in desktop publishing.

The main goals were to improve visual cues and increase readership and interaction with the reports. We conceptualized an engaging color scheme and icon system across the top of each document that would provide a connecting schema, as well as to educate readers. Each of the icons represent a different type of disaster the client’s work addresses. After the title page, we added a visual executive summary to send a bold, immediate message for towns with medium to high risk for a given hazard. We also used images to affect an emotional connection with the subject material, without being overly sensational.

This project was a great challenge, and we thank organizations like the NESEC for keeping us safe.