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Boston School of Etiquette founder Renate founded the school over ten years ago around a brand of finishing classes for children. During the course of her career, she began to work with a lot more universities and schools, and realized she was a lot more passionate about training young adults. She had completely outgrown her brand.

Before rebranding:Boston School of Etiquette

Because the overhaul need was so distinct, we built time into the project to do market research, collbaoratively. We talked a lot about the challenge of perception – of making etiquette appealing for young people, who often need it most but don’t realize it. This process of dialogue led to great mutual discovery, and helped us create not only a beautiful and compelling site, but it helped Renate reconfigure the way she thought about her entire business and target market. Renate is a talented communicator and teacher. We are excited with her for what’s to come.

After rebranding: